Direct and Dealer Sales Forces

Effective direct and dealer sales channel channel training faces the following unique challenges:
Optimized messaging

You know what you want reps to say, but how confident are you that they will deliver that message?

Large, Rapidly-Changing Product Portfolio

Keeping reps up to date can be time-consuming and costly

Distributed Sales Force with Multiple Channels

Pulling reps and dealers out of the field for training is ineffective and expensive

The Caslon Sales Training Platform addresses these with
Examples from the Best

Share examples of how top sales people present

Structured Process

Sales reps practice each key talk track, then share their best versions with their manager for coaching and the best of the best get shared with everyone.

Cloud-based software platform

Browser-based access from desktop or mobile device.

Resulting in
Improved sales productivity

Sales per rep increases

Lower cost model

Use of technology reduces time spent out of the field for training and can reduce travel time for managers

Faster ramp up of new hires

A well-structured program stocked with best practice talk tracks for key selling situations allows new hires to come up to speed quickly.

Example uses
Performance Enhancement Training

Large direct sales forces are using it to ensure sales reps and dealers are delivering best in class talk tracks for key selling situations

New Product Launches

Product development and Marketing organizations are using the platform to support new product launches and train the sales force on new solutions

New Hire Training

Training organizations are using it as a delivery platform for new direct sales reps or dealers

Training the Trainers

Large training departments are using the platform to train the trainers

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