Cloud-based Sales Training Platform

Enhancing Sales Performance for Call Centers, Dealers and Direct Sales Teams
The Caslon Sales Training Platform helps sales and service organizations win more sales
Your entire sales team needs to learn your playbook and to practice running plays
They need to rehearse before they get in front of an audience
You need to verify they can talk the talk and to coach them when needed
The Caslon Sales Training Platform provides the link between sales training and sales results
Best-in-class messaging delivered by every sales rep

Well-rehearsed deliveries

Improved sales performance

Sales training driven by best practices unlike any other
Enables easy capture and sharing of best talk tracks for key selling situations

Empowers mastery through private practice using video

Ensures 1 to 1 coaching using automated workflows

Verifies for senior management that they are prepared

Built on a unique cloud-based learning platform
Video-oriented / Cloud-based

Browser accessible via desktop or mobile

Convenient subscription pricing

Extremely well suited for call centers, direct sales, and dealer channels